Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission, vision, and values focus our work and motivate us to achieve excellence.

Mission Statement

Rainbow House is committed to empowering those affected by domestic violence through holistic, client-centered interventions, and community-based prevention.

Vision Statement

Every Chicagoland home is violence free.


When making decisions at Rainbow House, the board, staff and volunteers will be accountable for, conscious of, and committed to the following:

Accountability: We have high expectations for extraordinary results. We are accountable for ourselves and our behaviors, demonstrated by always doing what we say we will do. We are excellent stewards of our resources by being transparent and honest in their use. Each of us bears responsibility to support the economic well-being of the agency.  Our actions are a reflection of the tenets of the domestic violence movement, and are always advocating for social change.

Adaptability: We strive to be relevant today and ready for tomorrow. We will be flexible and strategic in all we do to best serve the needs of our clients and community, and embrace how this will change things for the better. We are always learning from others, from our past, and for the future.

Boundaries: We are often in a stressful environment and it is especially important that people’s needs in and out of work are respected. Our actions honor our unique individual role, function and sense of privacy with healthy lines drawn between personal and professional life. We strive to do the right thing by creating an atmosphere of trust, openness, confidentiality, and accountability with awareness of the richness of individual and cultural diversity.

Collaboration: Our work with clients and in the community will inspire and encourage cooperation. Internally, we value an environment of cooperative teamwork where we are accessible, flexible and listen to and acknowledge one another. The best decision will be the one that provides the best end result for the highest number of our clients and the community. Rainbow House will act in solidarity with others in the community to ensure that everyone shares ownership of and responsibility for the future we are creating.

Equality: We work to ensure that all people have the same access to community resources and the opportunity to live life to their fullest potential. Any action taken at Rainbow House will treat all parties involved with compassion, dignity, integrity, generosity, honesty, humanity and grace.

Passion: Our passion for our clients and a violence-free community is why we are here. When we combine that passion with our expertise, we will achieve great things. We advocate for people whose rights have been violated. We challenge what gets in the way. We stand up for what we believe inside and out. Our conviction and integrity guide what we do and how we do it every day

Quality: We strive to be outstanding in everything we do. Our reputation is important, and we are committed to providing services in a respectful, timely and courteous manner. We are creative and innovative. We will try new things and learn from them.

Support: We will encourage all individuals to draw on their own wisdom and experience, as well as the freedom to be themselves. We will encourage everyone to see the abundance of resources they have at their fingertips, helping them identify ways to build upon those opportunities. The way we work will inspire rather than prescribe. We will encourage and engage rather than tell.