Monthly Archives: December 2012

Get a tax deduction while supporting survivors of domestic violence

It’s last call for 2012! We hope your final to-do list includes celebration, friends, and family. The next few hours represent your last opportunity to make a financial contribution you can use as a 2012 tax deduction. Please consider supporting the domestic violence survivors at Rainbow House with your year-end gift. It takes just a few minutes of your time right now, but has the power to change a survivor’s 2013.

To donate, please click on the “Donate” button on the right. We will send out a receipt by the end of the week that you can use when preparing your return.

Making the holidays magical for client families

Rainbow House supporters are making the holidays magical for the families we serve. Many people gave generously to ensure kids got what they wanted this year.

Several companies got into the spirit as well. Carlitos Towing conducted a very successful toy drive.

Home Depot symbolically adopted ten children, getting them everything from clothes to puzzles and games.


Medina Lawncare hosted a Christmas where the cover charge was a gift for Rainbow House. They collected many really nice toys!

Thank you to all of our incredible donors!